“Reiki is Magic! It serves to relieve physical pains, heal emotional wounds, quiet the mental chatter, and soothe the soul. It makes you look inside instead of outside for answers. It says live life with love not fear. Michelle is a high integrity energy healer and a truly inspirational teacher. Reiki should be mandatory in this chaotic, maniacal world of today!”  Viki

“Reiki has greatly increased my self-awareness and confidence, therefore, enhancing my levels of communication and perception with others.  The tools of Reiki have guided me through many emotionally and physically hard times.  It is beautiful in its simplicity and empowering through its healing.”  Anna

“I have known Michelle Nassner personally for over 30 years.  For the last 28 years I have also known Michelle as my Reiki Teacher.  Working with the Reiki energy during the seminars as well as one-on-one’s, she has helped guide me through teachings I needed to work through including self-awareness, confidence, clarity and peace of mind. I am forever appreciative of her love and support over many years. I am forever grateful, thank you!”   Sarah C, IT Professional and Reiki Channel

“Michelle introduced me to Reiki healing in 2019, and since then I have never looked back. I am not only lucky enough to call her my friend, but she is also my spiritual coach. I am a registered nurse, and I have always believed there was more to healing than just medicine but was never sure what this was until I met Michelle and Reiki. I have since completed her level 1 Reiki course, and now have the energy in my own hands to give to myself and those around me that may need some extra care and grounding.

In recent times due to Covid, I have been unable to see Michelle, and desperately needed her energy and healing, so I have received an absent healing from her. This was the first time, and to sit and read her finding was a very emotional but healing process for me. I felt like she jumped right into my soul pulled out the negative energy that was holding me back. It was like I was sitting in the room with her.

I have been on my spiritual journey since meeting Michelle, and without a doubt, I am more grounded, calm, confident and have much more self-awareness regarding my triggers. I now have the tools to work through life’s challenges. I have a long way to go, but I am where I am today because of Michelle and Reiki.”  Lisa Blyth, Registered Nurse, Brisbane

“Reiki has been the beginning of a new life for me…Life with awakening and understanding.   It has helped me transform myself from a person with anger, pain, sadness and frustration to one with clarity about life and its beautiful and abundant gifts.  Reiki has opened channels to the latent powers within me giving me access to all that I desire in life.  I am grateful to my loving teacher, Michelle, for being instrumental through this journey. Through participation in Reiki seminars and workshops conducted by Michelle over the years, I learnt about the characteristics of different emotions and the structured process to their mastery. With her powerful teachings on metaphysics, I have increasingly been able to handle difficult personal and professional situations with great ease. I have recommended many of my family and friends experiencing physical and emotional pain to Michelle’s Reiki seminars for holistic healing through methodical approach.”  Gayatri Dhawan, Sydney

“I would like to thank you, Michelle, for the hypnotherapy sessions I had with you when trying to cope with undergoing treatment for breast cancer and losing my mother. I found hypnotherapy to be a very gentle way of dealing with the issues that arose at that time, and I only needed two sessions to enable me to cope in a positive way. I am very grateful for your help and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing guidance in dealing with life issues.”  Susi

“Thanks Michelle for helping me to discover the old beliefs & behaviours that had to go!  I’ve realised that I am responsible for my own thoughts and actions, and once I stopped putting all my expectations on others, I immediately felt a shift occur – I’m feeling calmer, more peaceful, happier, and the best part, I’m sleeping much better than I have in years and have been able to shed the weight I’ve been hanging on to.  I highly recommend you and Hypnotherapy to others.  It’s been a life-changing experience for me.”  Margaret

“The Best thing I’ve ever done in my life!  I was up to 50-60 cigarettes a day over a 40-year period, and after two sessions with Michelle, I have not had a cigarette since or feel inclined to have one.  I now have the money to go fishing when I want in my new boat.  Thanks Michelle.”  Geoff C.