Personalised Hypnotherapy Sessions To Suit Your Needs

A Hypnotherapy session with me includes a thorough intake as well as hypnosis.  Please allow 2 hours.

My fee is $150 per session.


Hypnotherapy for ‘Quit Smoking’

This also includes a thorough intake, hypnosis and the second follow-up session which is highly advised within a short period of time.

My fee is $300 for both sessions and payable at the first session.


Phone/Zoom consultations also available

Fees are in line with those above and will be determined beforehand.


Many ask ‘how many sessions will I need?’

As everyone is different and has different needs, generally speaking, I always suggest two sessions. Together, we work as a team.


I book my own appointments so that we can discuss how I can personally assist you.

  • Packages to suit your needs are available
  • Concessions also apply. Please let me know beforehand if you are a concession card holder.
  • Some health funds provide rebates for hypnotherapy (please check with them directly).

“Thanks Michelle for helping me to discover the old beliefs & behaviours that had to go!  I’ve realised that I am responsible for my own thoughts and actions, and once I stopped putting all my expectations on others, I immediately felt a shift occur – I’m feeling calmer, more peaceful, happier, and the best part, I’m sleeping much better than I have in years and have been able to shed the weight I’ve been hanging on to.  I highly recommend you and Hypnotherapy to others.  It’s been a life-changing experience for me.”  Margaret

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